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Community of Practice for Mechanics
in Engineering

Statics Tutorials

Mechanics Fundamentals

Based on an inspection conducted on a bridge, this Adaptive Tutorial refreshes the fundamentals of mechanics.

Free Body Diagram

This Adaptive Tutorial is designed to educate the user on the rules for the Free Body Diagrams (FBDs).


This Adaptive Tutorial explains the concepts on friction and equilibrium. It is based on a real life example of a tow truck in action on an inclined plane.


This Adaptive Tutorial is designed to improve the understanding of center of gravity and moment of inertia of composite bodies.


This Adaptive Tutorial provides all the necessary ingredients for a complete understanding of truss analysis.

Dynamics Tutorials


This adaptive Tutorial covers projectile-related concepts of rectangular coordinates (x-y) and normal and tangential coordinates (n-t).

Impulse Momentum

This Adaptive Tutorial explains the principle of impulse and momentum using crash scenario simulation of a range of vehicles.

Work Energy

In this Adaptive Tutorial, a simple toy cart is used to work through the basics of work and energy, and the law of conservation of energy.

Solid Mechanics Tutorials

Shear Force & Bending Moment

The Adaptive Tutorial provides a step by step explanation of the procedure required to plot the shear force and bending moment diagrams for a complex structure.

2D Mohr's Circle

In this Adaptive Tutorial, the user will be able to accurately plot a 2D Mohr's circle to visualize and determine stresses on various planes.

3D Mohr's Circle

This Adaptive Tutorial takes the user further into the 3D Mohr's circle construction. This allows distinguishing the three principal stresses and absolute maximum shear stress graphically.


The objective of this Adaptive Tutorial is to work through the aspects of internal torque, torsional shear stress and the angle of twist along the drive shafts or axles.